Platform: PC
Engine: Unity
Team Size: Four
Controller Support: Wired Xbox 360 / Xbox One
Download: Windows | OS X


– Scripted player movement and echo location mechanics
– Developed the audio engine and triggers for all of the music and sound fx
– Wrote utility scripts for managing the game and player progress
– Designed and scripted the menu system and transitions within the game


You are Ting, an elder monk residing in the oldest monastery of the Tumeni mountain range. Once a month, the elder monks of this monastery are tasked with traversing the dark tunnels of the monastery as a show of faith. Ting must use chi to reach the sacred lantern.

Additional Details

This game was developed as part of the Global Game Jam. Our game idea stemmed from the waves theme. We brainstormed several ideas for the theme and the interpretation of the waves our team really liked was sight via echolocation.

My responsibilities for this project included designing and programming various features and mechanics. I designed the user interface for entire game including the main menu and corresponding screens except for the multiplayer lobby screens which are from Unity’s Network Lobby asset. I wanted to make sure the interface was clean and easy to navigate while matching the mood and tone of the game. Using a dark background and Ting’s robe color for the text provided a nice contrast and meshed well with the background music. I also designed and scripted the title effect that occurs after selecting “New Game” or “Multiplayer”. I wanted this effect to represent Ting’s echolocation that occurs during the game so I came up with the idea of using a light to show and hide the title of the game. I accomplished this by using a sprite object within the main menu scene and a sprite shader that is affected by light. It worked out fairly well and gave the illusion that the hand and title was part of the user interface.

For the gameplay scene I scripted player movement so that it worked with both keyboard and xbox controllers as well as the echolocation mechanic. Portions of these scripts included logic that determined Ting’s current level of chi. This logic helped drive several of the features including the intensity of using echolocation and the brightness of Ting’s bracelet which represents his current amount of chi. As I wrote these scripts I made sure they were maintainable and easy to modify as we added more mechanics.

Additional tasks I completed as part of this game jam include scripting scene transitions and music fading, persisting objects between scenes and gameplay testing.