Platform: PC
Engine: Unity
Team Size: Four
Team Role: Technical Design and Programming
Download: Windows | OS X (Coming Soon!)


– Scripted the spawning system and object poolers
– Scripted utility code for legal gameplay area so Kritters spawn and navigate within the korral
– Wrote utility scripts for managing the game and player progress
– Designed and scripted all of the UI and transitions within the game


Congratulations! You’re the new Kritter Keeper of an alien zoo! You’re tasked with caring for the needs of the various alien Kritters that inhabit the Kritter exhibit. Over time, more and more critters will be dropped into the exhibit and you’ll have to take care of all of them. As you meet the needs of the Kritters, you will gain points that increase your overall score. Your supervisor, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that the higher your score, the faster he’ll drop in new Kritters for you to take care of. Every time you fail to meet a Kritter’s need, he’ll get become sad and change colors! If you fail to meet a Kritter’s needs 3 times, he’ll die! If three Kritters die… you’re fired!

Additional Details

Kritter Keeper is a game I worked on as part of Ludum Dare 40 with a theme of “The more you have the worse it is.” Our team came up with several ideas that revolved around the player having to manage an increasing amount of characters, objects, tasks, etc. We decided on managing Kritters so that we could use a unique art style and slowly take the player’s comfort away as more Kritters spawned. We also added local and global leaderboards to increase replays and allow players to battle against their friends for the top 10 high scores.