Platform: PC
Engine: Unity
Team Size: One
Controller Support: Wired Ps4
Download: Windows | OS X


– Completed all roles for the project
– Scripted player mechanics including movement, shooting, power ups, health boost, score, etc.
– Scripted enemy AI mechanics
– Developed the audio engine and triggers for all of the music and sound fx
– Wrote utility scripts for managing the game and player progress
– Designed and scripted all UI and transitions within the game
Character art and music were found online under Creative Commons licensing


This top-down space shooter features an arcade style look and feel. The current release contains an arcade mode where the sole objective is to survive as long as you can by defeating enemy ships and racking up points. The amount of foes you face will increase for each consecutive wave. Throughout the game power ups will be dropped which provide bonus effects. At the end of the game you are rewarded with additional points for not using certain power ups. The game ends when you run out of health.

Additional Details

I developed this game as part of a personal 24 hour game development challenge. The main goal for completing this challenge was to increase my design and prototyping skills while under a very tight deadline. In order to accomplish this goal I focused on a clear objective which was staying within the scope of the project at all times. Throughout the development period I kept the idea of expansion in the back in my mind. I designed the core features and mechanics in a way so that I could efficiently add more to the game in the future.