Platform: PC
Engine: Unity
Team Size: Nine
Team Role: Lead Designer and Programmer
Controller Support: Wired Xbox 360 / Xbox One


– Design/programming lead for the game
– Designed and scripted the submarine functionality such as movement and item retrieval hooks as well as all interior mechanisms
– Scripted the audio and triggers for all of the music and sound fx
– Scripted game progression and transitions
– Designed and scripted the UI


You get sent out by Doctor Kolben to explore the depths of the Sirena Deep in the first manned mission down that way. The year is 2019. On your way you come across things that the exploring drones before you missed by a long shot. Determined to find the secrets of the Sirena Deep, you descend further into the depths. A glowing aura of something sinister grows ever near. On your way you seem to come across old stone tablets, which you don’t know if they are made by humans or something else. Arriving at the bottom, you see what you can only identify as a beautiful, sunken city.

Additional Details

This game was developed as part of Classy Games Jam #1. Our game jam team was selected at random from those who signed up to participate. An interesting fact about our team is that we were scattered across multiple time zones including North America and Europe.