Platform: PC
Engine: Unity
Team Size: Four
Team Role: Technical Design and Programming

Downloading and running the build is recommended for best experience


– Modified player control and movement scripts
– Scripted the power depletion system, including HUD battery, and game over trigger
– Wrote utility scripts for managing the game and player progress
– Designed and scripted the menu system along with transitions between menus, live game, game over, etc.


You are Sam Warren, the last engineer residing on Station 5723. The station has been struck by a small meteor causing critical failure to the main reactor. In order to save yourself and the station you must repair the system components and main reactor before the remaining power runs out. Failure to do so will result in certain death.

Additional Details

Station 5723 is a game I worked on as part of Ludum Dare 39. The theme for this jam was “Running out of power.” Our team decided to create an escape the style of game where the backup power is depleting. The objective for the player is to repair all of the damaged system components and the main reactor prior to the power running out.

Gameplay Video